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Physical Security Policy

1. Introduction: This Physical Security Policy outlines the guidelines and measures that Efficient Growth Consulting Limited (EGC) remote team members must follow to ensure the security of physical assets, equipment, and information. Owen Lewis, designated as the policy lead, is responsible for implementing and overseeing this policy.

2. Policy Scope: This policy applies to all EGC remote team members, contractors, consultants, and third parties who work remotely on behalf of the organization.

3. Remote Workspace Security:

  • Remote team members are responsible for maintaining a secure and private workspace, ensuring that unauthorized individuals cannot access sensitive information.

4. Device Security:

  • All devices used for work must be password protected and equipped with updated antivirus software.

  • Devices should not be left unattended in public areas or shared with unauthorized individuals.

5. Data Protection and Handling:

  • Sensitive information, whether physical or digital, must be stored securely and protected against theft, loss, or unauthorized access.

  • Printed documents containing sensitive information should be shredded when no longer needed.

6. Access Control:

  • Remote team members must lock their devices and log out of applications when not in use.

  • Sharing of devices or access credentials is prohibited without prior authorization.

7. Remote Work Environment:

  • The remote work environment must be free from distractions and secure from unauthorized individuals.

  • Lock doors and windows when working in spaces accessible to others.

8. Communication Security:

  • Discussing confidential information should be done in private, secure settings, and not in public spaces or over unsecured communication channels.

9. Incident Reporting:

  • Any physical security incidents, such as theft or loss of equipment, must be reported to Owen Lewis promptly.

10. Travel Security:

  • When traveling, remote team members should safeguard laptops and devices and be cautious of using public Wi-Fi networks.

11. Policy Acknowledgment:

  • All remote team members are required to acknowledge and adhere to this policy.

12. Policy Enforcement:

  • Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

13. Policy Review and Updates:

  • Owen Lewis is responsible for reviewing and updating this policy periodically to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.

By adhering to this Physical Security Policy, EGC remote team members contribute to maintaining the security of physical assets and information, thereby safeguarding the organization's reputation and operational integrity. For inquiries or concerns regarding physical security, contact Owen Lewis at

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